Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013


Tours & Other Field Trips

Kindly Note: FIELD TRIPS and INDUSTRY VISITS are DONE THROUGHOUT the year. Apart from  the REGULAR STUDY TRIPS to Museums, Expositions, Seminars etc. However ONLY A SAMPLE of them ARE SHOWN HERE, as you scroll down. Due to constraints of space available, all cannot be uploaded and displayed in this file. We have however  tried our best to be fair to all departments. In case of any crucial omission, do forgive us.






DEPRTMENT OF MEDIA COMMUNICATION                                         



The Seventh Wonder of the World & Our Dept. of Travel, Tourism and Ticketing, 22nd Dec, 2015

Run for Diabetic Awareness , 25 Oct, 2015.

Love you – Poly’s Holistic  Students! Always there, for a good cause!
Very precious, sporting and fitness-loving Holistics came ,ran and conquered our hearts! What was great,was to turn up (despite our beloved South Delhi Polytechnic for Women being closed for Hols)@ 5am! ( A special thank you to Hostel Wardens to come down at that unearthly hour and handout our Bib NOs & Goody Bags. And also, to let us use the Mess Loos;)
1st-yr Holistic Students were specially INCREDIBLE! Imagine, they were still dancing with d Zumba DJ at the 'Warm Up area' (after doing 6Kms& 11Kms), coolly yelling out, "Cooling Down,Mam!"
Special Mention: Interesting eclectic gathering and wasunique reaching Nehru Stadium in the dark...the AWESOME Sunita Godhare (the 1st Woman Marathoner of India) was all over the place -pepping up, briefing and counselling one and everyone; Love you – Poly’s Holistic  Students! Always there,for a good cause!


Pinkathon-A run for Breast Cancer Patients

Please do come and CHEER for us! Rather brave of us to enroll, don't you think? Considering the humidity and heat levels in the capital city that day .Right now.16 of us are participating in all categories.10 of us (including one ageing teacher!) in 10kms, 4 in 5Kms and 2 in 3kms.
Postscript: We all did it! Do not miss the ‘Super Medals, we all got!





     (Curiously the around the time the Holistic Marathoners were sitting in their Volvo from Janpath TO Victory Tunnel, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh >This group of Art / MediaTeachers& Students, were getting onto a bus at St.Andrews Bus Station at Edinburgh to reach SeaGate Bus Station Dundee,Scotland).So our Polytech was really jetsetting this time. Two groups of students that set off on divergent routes and for diverse purposes!

    Dear Holistic Marathoners,
     Before getting onto the Volvo for Shimla, please ensure you have these things in your baggage:

    1)  Remember, we are doing an overnight journey>PLEASE DRESS DISCREETLY!
                   Avoid capris/spaghettis/sleeveless off shoulder tops/short skirts.

    2)  Please DO NOT CARRY a lot of money and jewellery in your clutch bag or purse.
    3)  Biscuits, juice & safe drinking water: for the journey +Tiffin box with dinner!
                             (We will discourage you from getting off the Volvo, during the night.)

    4)  Crocin or Paracetamol tablets

    5)  Vaseline/paraffin wax>for before the race to prevent chafing!

    6)  Crepe bandage and ointment/spray for sprain (eg: relaxyl, moov, volini, myolisin etc

    7)  Lemon drops or menthol toffees or Hajmola.

    8)  1 BANANA+1 CARTON OF JUICE + choc bar for pre-race nutrition/carbo-loading

    9)   Hand sanitizer/box of tissue napkins + towel +comb (Always use your own!)
    10)  2 CARDIGANS (full sleeve)

    11) 1 pair of leggings (Shimla is v.cold!)

    12)  2 PAIRS OF SOCKS.(one 'thick woolens' and one ‘light and airy')


    14)  ONE SHAWL(that can double up as a kambal!)

    15) 1 UMBRELLA OR RAINCOAT with hat/waterproof cap

    16) Some detergent.

    17) 1 Torch + Mobile phone charger

    18) 2 PAIRS OF SHOES.(one for running and 1 for lots of walking)

    19) LOCKS for your luggage bag/suitcase.

    20)  Water proof folder:to bring safely back-your certificate & Medal!



    Exciting visit of Students and Teachers from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women to Dundee College, Scotland , UK Under “Jute “ project run by (UKIERI) ‘Sep – Oct 2010 ‘
    Those selected after a highly competitive screening were :

    • Upasana Mehta  - Fashion Design
    • Sakshi Yajurvedi - Textile Design
    • Neerja Kumar – Interior Design
    • Shilpa Abbi  - Media Communication




    Poly Holistics and Shimla     Marathon - 2011

    The fitness cell was very active at the Department of Holistic Health & Fitness.

    19 students and teachers with great enthusiasm and verve participated in the

    Shimla Half Marathon.  They also explored the natural and heritage sites of the Himachal region. 




Conference on “Innovation in education”

    Conference on “Innovation in education” on 26th Aug’2010 at The Lalit – New Delhi organised by the Times of India group.

                        Dr. Reyhan Chaudhuri was the panelist for New Gen Teaching Crafts: Vocationalisation of Education.

                 Vocational Education Training is one of the most important elements of nation’s education initiative. In order for vocational education to play its part effectively and for India to enjoy the fruits of its rich demographic profile, it becomes imperative to redefine the vital elements of imparting vocational education to make them contemporary, relevant , creative and inclusive. This session will focus on ways and means to strengthen vocational initiatives.

    Key topics of discussion:

    • Assessing the impact of training on education and employability
    • Does vocational education track fits only academically less endowed?
    • Raising and utilization of funds to finance a modernized vocational education
    • Quality enhancement programmes required
    • How can the gap between vocational education streams as well as higher education be bridged?
    • VOX: Insight on alternate education methodology

    Session Moderator:

    • Ms.Jayashree Kurup , Head-Content and research, Times Business Solutions Ltd.


    • Mr. Vivek Madhukar, Vice President,
    • Mr. Roy Newey,Group Board Director,A4EIndia
    • Dr. Inder Jeet, Principal, College of Vocational studies, Delhi University
    • Dr. Reyhan Chaudhuri, HOD-Holistic Health and Fitness, South Delhi Polytechnic for Women

    Q&A Session
    Networking Lunch: 1330-1430Hrs

    Harpreet Arora faculty (HOD) Jewellery Design also attended the conference.