Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year : 1963 - 2013


  First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term
Registration Fee 1,000/-  
Admission Fee 2,000/-  
Tuition Fee 17,000/-   17,000/- 17,000/- 17,000/-
Annual Charges 3,000/-  
Examination Fee -   1,000/-
Total (in INR)
23,000/-   18,000/- 17,000/- 17,000/-
  • The fees ( like Polytechnic Timings for Students) are exactly the same, for all Courses and in all Departments.

  • All Fees are to be paid by Cash / Bank Draft / Local Cheque only. Upon the dishonour of any Cheque, by the bank, for any reason whatsoever, Penalty / Bank charges will be levied.

  • Cheques or Drafts should be made for ‘South Delhi Polytechnic for Women’ and be payable at Delhi / New Delhi.

  • No amount whatsoever(including Fees) shall be refunded by the Polytechnic, regardless of whether a Student joins/does not join / secures Admission / continues / discontinues, during the Term.

  • The First-Term Fees must be paid at the time of Admissions.

  • The Second-Term Fees must be paid by 10th of September.

  • The Third-Term Fees must be paid by 10th of December.

  • The Fourth-Term Fees must be paid by 10th of February.

  • All Fees quoted in the Polytechnic Prospectus, are related to One Academic Year only.

  • The Polytechnic reserves the right, to revise the Fees structure and rules of Admission, at its discretion.

  • Students are required to keep the Receipts for all payments, made to the Polytechnic. They may have to produce the same, as and when required. For all the new session of 2nd Yr, 3rd Yr & 4th Yr of Students, the First Term Fees must be paid by the 15th of May, each year.

  • Polytechnic Fees must be paid within the prescribed period, mentioned above. The office shall not send any intimation, in this respect. Defaulters will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500/- upto ten days i.e. 20th of the month. Thereafter, their names shall be struck off the rolls. Re-admission Fee of Rs. 2000 / -will be charged from the Students, who want to rejoin after the 7 days grace period.