Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



















Our Luminous Library


Our Founder Director has always had a great love for Books, Antiquarian Art and Ornate Wood. They have all commingled into the Creation of a 'Great Hall of Books', i.e The Grand Library of nearly twelve thousand books.

The Polytechnic always of course had an extensive collection of relevant and esoteric books. During Book Week, both Students, Staff and other Benefactors have donated /contributed to the enormous repository. Their Display / Reading Space were however not utilized to the optimum, due to the earlier hard-pressed relative paucity of space.

The new location is indeed a very procreative Abode of Books. The aural atmosphere is akin to that of a Mughal Monument. There is ample space for reading and the selection of Books from lofty glass- cupboards, an errand of facile ease.

On one side, we also have an enormous full-length wall, reserved and fitted with a Projector Screen, for Films and Presentation Lectures. This shall enable Workshops to be conducted and preview of Documentaries, with a much larger audience of Students, than the already present A-V (Audio Visual) Room.

We sincerely request all Students, who enter our Temple of Learning, to abide by the Rules. Please respect the sanctity of Books. Do remember, they have to also be used by legions of Students after you. Art books specially, never get out of date! If you damage/ deface them, you then render them unusable by others.

The Faculty fondly remembers that the Library was shifted to its present pristine location, by the Staff itself. They did not want to entrust their precious books to 'hired workers'. So, with great care, they formed a human chain to transfer more than five thousand books. We have twelve thousand books (as already mentioned) but the most treasured ones were migrated personally, by the Faculty. The worth of mentioning this Episode shall only be realized, if our Students also learn to love and care for books in the same way, as us their Teachers!

We would also like to mention that Librarians are there for your Assistance. If you need any help, do happily approach them. There is also a Machine to Photocopy selected matter but not entire books.

May your time be spent fruitfully in our Neurobic Domain and may it be used by the entire College.