Hostel Fees


1. The First Term Hostel Fee for the Senior Students are Rs. 21,000/-. .
        It is to be deposited between 1st & 15th of May, every Year.
        Failing this, no seat shall be reserved for the Defaulters, for the coming Academic Session.
2. All Hostel Fees are apart from the Polytechnic Fees. Fines are due separately, for not paying them before the deadline     date. Office or Hostel Wardens shall not send any intimation about due fees.
3. All Fees are to be paid by cash/bank draft. Local cheques are acceptable.
       The Draft is to be made in the name of : South Delhi Polytechnic for Women and payable at Delhi .
4. First Term Fees are to be deposited at the Time of Admissions.
    Second Term Fees are to be deposited by the Saturday the 14th of November.
    Third Term Fees are to be deposited by the Monday the 15th of February.
    Any Student failing to do so, shall be charged a Late Fee.
5. New students are expected to join on 25th of July, 2017 the Hostel. Provided their documentation   [especially medical    & LG forms] and fees are all in order and after perusal of the same, by the Hostel wardens or   Officials assigned for the    task. If they stay or move in, prior to that - there will be a charge of Rs. 500/- per day. Kindly   note: Old senior students    are only accomodated or permitted entry on the 26th of August, 2017. This gives the Juniors   ample time, to settle    down and get acquainted with each other, apart from personal attention by the Hostel Wardens.


1. Kindly study the Fee Structure. The Fees are charged for the given stipulated period.
    (This is regardless of the number of Working Days or Holidays.)
2. All Fees are to be paid in advance and once paid, are non- refundable.
3. Defaulters shall have to pay a fine of Rs. 300/- per day upto ten days. i.e. 24th of the month. Thereafter, a readmission fee of Rs. 2000/- will be charged from the Hostellers, who join after a 7 days grace period. It is best therfore, to avoid this extra expenditure by arranging for Hostel fees, well in advance and prior to the due date.

Ist Term
(Aug, Sep, Oct)
IInd Term
(Nov, Dec, Jan)
IIIrd Term
(Feb, Mar, Apr)
Hostel Registration Fee
Hostel Admission Fee
Accomodation Fee

Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year : 1963 - 2013