Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013


Campus Hostel

The fulltime Hostel for girls was started 44 years ago, for Outstation Students. This was to provide a safe and securely surrounded residence. It is fully equipped to accommodate 150 students. There are 50 air-cooled rooms and an outstanding feature is that a good percentage of them have attached bathrooms & toilets.

There are spacious and elegant Dining Halls, with wrought-iron furniture. A unique feature is the personalised supervision of the Mess, to provide healthy and well-balanced meals. The Hostel has separate Visitors, TV and Lounge / Common Room. There are other optional intermittent recreational amenities like the Internet, Library, Table Tennis and a Multi Gym.
It would be pertinent to add that one set of rooms (on both floors) face east, to the rising sun. The opposite set of rooms, face our leafy green campus.

A hostel may be the best years of College. Where firm friendships may outlast life! However, always a time comes to feel homesick. Specially, if one is ailing or unwell. Hence, we take great care to keep the ambience student-friendly. This is with medical facilities and motherly female wardens.
* Do not forget to read The special mention, in the box below.

Due to an acute shortage of accommodation in Delhi, there is a great demand for Hostel Seats. To add to this, Senior Students continue to stay on in the Hostel. Thus, there are limited numbers of seats for new students. Students therefore, once admitted to the Hostel shall not be allowed to become Day Scholars. On doing so, they may not be allowed to pursue their studies.
Parents / Guardians are therefore requested to think twice, before applying for a Hostel Seat. As many parents do not permit a student ( especially those from overseas or remote areas ) to join an academic programme, if Campus Hostel accomodation is not being given to them. much to our sorrow, every year - we must turn away a few students as we are not able to accomodate them. Therefore, do not thoughtlessly deprive another student of a seat. Do think twice. As, not only are you depriving her of valid Hostel Accomodation but also a vocation and career in life!