Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013





The Contact Period for Students in all the Departments are from 8.30 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.

Faculty Timings are however, from 8.15 a.m. to 2.45 p.m.

Do note that our Director takes great pride in our reputation for punctuality and the prevalence of general decorum, at the Polytechnic.


  • For Students : 12.15 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  • For General Public : 9.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m
  • For Parents & Guardians : 1.00 p.m. to 2.00. p.m.

    Kindly Note : These timings must be adhered to, specially in the case of Parents / Guadians meeting the Faculty. As, teachers cannot leave their classrooms / Studios / Labs during the college study hours.


The College is noted for it’s leafy green campus. The unique Art Installations (both contemporary & antique), the rich flora & fauna also, give an attractive ambience.

A multi-purpose Auditorium and A-V Hall, facilitate the conduction of inter-departmental events. The tasteful heritage doors of the Hall of Books, open into an expansive high-roofed library. Books and journals on every facet of Vocational Studies and more, are displayed. Studios, Laboratories and Exhibition Gallery 2000, apart from the regular class rooms, create an important alcove for training, discover and adventure.

Do note that our college has always been a ragging-free campus. Ragging has been unknown over the years, fortunately. It is moreover forbidden in all departments, constituent units ( academic, residential, etc. ) and in all means of transportation of students whetherpublic or private, and anyone found guilty or implicated in ragging and/or abetting ragging - is liable to be punished appropriately.

The ethos of our collge has always been to welcome and appreciate, all the apparel and costumes of the world. Being a women's college however, there are certain strictures - when barriers or 'lakshman rekha' of decorum and decency in attire are crossed. As these may undermine our student's honour and dignity. This is generally for a regular working day rather than special events, in the Calender Session of the Polytechnic. These limiting parameters stand for both Day Scholars and Hostellers (atleast in the common areas like Corridors, Dining Halls, Visitors loung etc.) on the campus or coming to & fro. Therefore do note that garments unduly transparent or that reveal cleavage or are really high above the knees and most especially trousers / jeans so low-waisted that the natal cleft ( at the back ) is visible on minimal stooping - are severely disapproved. It is however iterated that we being primarily an 'Art & Design' College, have always promoted women's independent thinking and their self-sufficiency or have reveled in their creative instincts, whether for curriculum work or in their personal grooming. Therefore, the strictures mentioned above, should in no way interfere with or curtail the joy of evolving an individual identity, mixing & matching or exploring new styles 'n trends in attire. As after all, these are in a way - a vital feminate symbol for the celebration of life, if not the human spirit.


A Vocation should not be selected by you, on the basis of its popularity. There are various factors one needs to consider, before selecting a Course. These include your talent, interest and other pointers to your future Employment and Career.

A Counsellor not only helps you to decide your Vocation, but helps you to be inspired & face the contemporary challenges, effectively. Therefore, Counselling Facilities are available throughout the year and not, just at the time of Admissions.


The Polytechnic shall grant admission to Overseas and Foreign Students (apart from Nepal and Bhutan), if they have a valid visa for the stipulated Academic period. The Government of India shall give provisional admission to Foreign Students, subject to confirmation by Foreigners Registration Office.


All the courses are job-oriented. Therefore, it is important for the students to be sure about the kind of work that would interest her. She can then do well and be successful.
If she is uncertain or is in two minds she can think of migrating to another department, within four weeks of the college opening.


The Students are advised not to keep a large amount of cash or valuables. The Polytechnic does not undertake
any responsibility for the safekeeping or loss of any personal property. There is however, a ‘Lost and Found’ desk in the Office. Misplaced articles are often deposited there, by honest souls.


Evaluating, Renewing and updating of curriculum, is an integral part of Polytechnic. Innovative ideas, new techniques, familiarisation and practical handling of latest equipment (in Studios and Labs), are given special emphasis. This enables the students to imbibe the best and meet the changing needs of the Industry.


All Students are issued Identity Cards. They are advised to keep it carefully with them, at all times and produce them, whenever required. Please note:
1) The ID cards must be renewed, every Term. It is the Student’s responsibility, to get it done.
2) A Student on completion of her academic programme or on leaving the Polytechnic, is required to return the ID card.


There is an in-house Doctor during college hours, evenings and available on-call , otherwise. We have a First-Aid Box both at the Office and the Hostel. Teachers and Senior Students of Holistic Health & Fitness also offer Health Care and Healing with Alternate Natural Therapies, whenever required.


The College has numerous noted renowned awards, as mentioned. Vocational Teachers however, also espouse and laud the personal best, a student invests in. The fulfillment and worth felt by an individual student’s personal best, even if it may be meagre (in the Class Mean), is something to be always encouraged.


No candidate shall be admitted to any Examination, unless the Head of the Department certifies that the candidate has met certain specified parameters. (E.g : Assignments, Sessional tests, Projects, Field work, Workshop module, etc.)

Since, Vocational Studies prioritize Practical Modules. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory, for eligibility to appear for Examinations. There is no exemption therefore,for any genuine unfortunate reason, including that of the medical or maternity. We do have a carry-over system though, and hold Supplementary Exams in September, to help such Students. However, do note that clearing the minimum 75% attendance is not the only criteria for Examination eligibility. There are other academic requirements and timely submissions, as discussed in the next section of this page.

A candidate to appear for the Annual/Final Examination must obtain a minimum of 40% in Theory Papers and 50% in all the Practicals.

During the Examination, any candidate found guilty of misconduct or responsible for breaching of rules and regulations, by the invigilator or/and Examination Superitendent. This includes having copied / used / attempted to use, any unfair means during the exam, her paper ( whether practical or theory ) shall not be assessed or checked. She will have to reappear for the exam, in the subsequent schedule of Exams, held in September or April. This is regardless of whether, she has been permitted ta remain in the Examination Hall or continue her Exam, in order to avoid unjust disturbance or distraction to other candidates in the room and undue personal humiliation to herself.


A student-friendly ‘carry-over’ system, automatically allows Students to join the next class. (First Year to Second Yr and Second Yr to Third Yr). If a student is having First Yr examination subjects in the second or third Yr, she shall under normal rules have to bide her time, clear the back log and then join or sit for the third yr Examinations.

She has to however, complete her Sessional, Submissions and Attendance or/& any other requisite completions & Rs. 3000/- must be paid before that. It is only then, that she will be eligible for Examination, in September or April and be issued an Examination Hall ID Card and Roll Number.


Work / file / project / assignment assigned to the Student has to be submitted on the date or deadline decided. Teachers have the right not to accept, work beyond the fixed date of submission. The onus of knowing about deadlines, submissions, tests, sessionals, attendance percentages - lie with the student, even if she is absent. Any communication, on this may not be sent to Parents / Guardians.


Plagiarism is to claim, the creative efforts of somebody else, as your own. The material stolen may be written, verbal, visual or auditory. Some students get in the habit of copying work from anywhere and inserting / pasting it, as their own.

Never assume, that you can lift a part of Design / Art Work/Phrases/ Sentences and no one shall notice. Faculty is quick to recognise such misuse. Most teachers are familiar with almost anything published, in the field. Assume, they must know it well.

Therefore, if you are quoting someone, acknowledge the source and mention their name. Better still, create your own work! Even if it may not be up to the mark. It will be genuine and original. It will be yours.


In many modules (like Art and Team Work), it is more objective, to allot Grades. This eliminates a subjective bias, in marking and assessment. These grades, for final / annual results, get converted though, into marks.

This is in approximate accordance, to the following table:
A +       80%          B +       65%           C +         50%
A          75%          B          60%            C           45%
A -        70%          B -        55%           C -         40%