Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013
Fashion Presentation

' The Black & White Brigade'

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, Lajpat Nagar has been imparting Vocational Training in 18 disciplines, for more than half-a-century. Fashion Design & Merchandising is now perhaps the most popular profession, leading to employment, placement and empowering women in large numbers. We are also proud to mention that we were the first to commence the Fashion Design as a Course Programme this as an academic programme under our Founder Director Late Ashima Chaudhuri in 1974 ~ in the capital city of India!

Today, under the aegis of the Principal Veena Saith, Head - Fashion Design & Merchandising, the 26 senior–most students worked on the challenging theme of ‘Black & White’ tones. The final execution was walked on the Ramp @The Ashima Chaudhuri Auditorium by 78 student models. The Presentation was titled as ‘The Black & White Brigade’.

The theme portrayed a bold, modern and fresh look. Student Designers have played and created in both artistic terms and with artistry ~lines, checks, dots, shapes, flora and fauna, but in shades of Black & White solely. The amalgamation and expression of thesedichromatic tones is indeed eclectic and praise-worthy.

We wish all the best in the near future - to these students, who are about to enter into a very competitive Fashion & Garment Industry.



   South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has imparted Vocational Education to women since1963, under the visionary of Founder Director ~late Ashima Chaudhuri. She had the foresight to commence a course in Fashion Design in the early 1980’s, in the capital city of India.
   The annual Fashion Presentation of our senior-most students  is an eagerly awaited event. It provides a platform to the Final Year batch, to enter the Industry.
   This year  under the  aegis of Veena Saith, Principal and HOD~, the students have worked on the unusual and challenging theme of  ‘Unsewn renewed  fashion’.   
   The interesting part of the Presentation is that the Student Designers have played with entire pieces of fabrics. They have not merely explored the options of drapes or folds but given form to fashion ideas. This is by using age-old traditional methods of wrapping, pleating, tying & knotting, tucking, girdle belting, bracketing and more. The concept required creativity and innovativeness. They had to work within the thematic requirements  ( if not limitations !) and yet produce exciting but pragmatic Ramp Wear.
    A tacit mention must be made of the timely ministrations of our Vice-Principal and Dean (Academics) Anand Moy Banerji. It is also imperative to acknowledge with gratitude the contribution of the Faculty. Primarily from the Dept. of Fashion Design & Merchandising but also others too (specially Media Comm. & Computer Science), in both major and minor ways. Last but not the least, the efforts and diligence of the students cannot be understated. Any project of this kind requires Quality Team Management in symbiosis with Teachers. This was an inspiration and ethos constantly reiterated by our beloved Founder Director: Ashima Chaudhuri.

                             FASHION PRESENTATION : 2017

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, Lajpat Nagar,  has been imparting Vocational Training in 18 disciplines, for more than half-a-century. Fashion Design & Merchandising is now perhaps the most popular department, leading to employment, placement and empowering women in large numbers. We are also proud to mention that we were the first to commence this as an academic programme under our Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri in 1974 ~ in the capital city of India!

Today, the College felt happy to conduct the much awaited Annual Fashion Presentation. This year it  was  titled as ‘DHARTI-KI-SHAAN’. 26 +  Senior -most Student Designers from the Depts of : Fashion Design & MerchandisingDept. of Textile & Apparel Design AND Dept. of Jewellery Design & Manufacture in keeping with the theme, explored the diverse hues and tones  of the earth of our beloved subcontinent. Each Student Designer has taken reference from one characteristic component of soil of one Indian socio-geographical region. After meticulous research,study and analysis - have incorporated its special features, into their innovative creations, for the global contemporary market. 

In conclusion there were 13 sequences, 78 models who walked the ramp for 32 Student Designers in DHARTI-KI-SHAAN.

The titles of their sequences and Designer names are:

SEQUENCE NO:1    'MAJESTIC MARATHWADA'  Student Designers : Vibha Kumari and Shilpi
SEQUENCE NO:2   'GOD'S OWN COUNTRY'  Student Designers : Deeba Maryam and Pooja Singh
SEQUENCE NO:3   ' KASHMIR-KI-KALI'    Student Designers :  Rishika Kaul and Chanchal Singh.
SEQUENCE NO:4    'SANDY SARASHTRA'  Student Designers : Aiman Shamshad and  Kritika Narula
SEQUENCE NO:5   'ORNATE ODISSA'    Student Designers : Shilpa Chaudhary  adn Avnee Jain
SEQUENCE NO:6   'LUMINOUS LADAKH'    Student Designers : Abhilasha Thakur and Aditi Sharma
SEQUENCE NO:7  'PASSIONATE PUNJAB' Student Designers : Preet Kaur Sachdeva and Akanksha Aggarwal
SEQUENCE NO:8  'NATTY NILGIRIS'Student Designers :  Pooja Sharma and  Karishma Choudhary 

SEQUENCE NO:9     ‘SHANGRILA SOPHISTRY’     Student Designers: Anamika Saha and Rukmini
SEQUENCE NO:10   ‘ROYAL RAJASTHAN’     Student Designers: Priya Sharma and Sangeeta
SEQUENCE NO:11   ‘GLITTERING GUJARAT’   Student Designers: Kajal Chaudhary and Prerna Aggarwal

SEQUENCE NO:12   ‘NOTABLE NAGALAND’  Student Designers: Manisha Narang and Priti Panwar
SEQUENCE NO:13    ‘HEAVENLY HIMACHAL’  Student Designers: Deepanshi Tandon and Rupalie Chopra
The 6 Student Jewellery Designers: Yusra Sajid, Sakshi Sharma  & Deeksha Banga, Aina Sadh, Shriyanka Jindal & Prablhleen Assie.

                            FASHION PRESENTATION : 2016

     South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has been imparting holistic training to women in more than 18 Vocational disciplines, for more than 50 years! Our Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri established the college with visionary acumen and merely 7 students. Now the student-populace runs into 4 digits. As, our College provides employment and skills for self-enterprise, for scores of women within India and further abroad.
      Fashion Design & Merchandising Course is the most popular and demanding programme. We feel proud to mention that as pioneers in Fashion Design, we were the first to start teaching this speciality, in the capital city of India.
      Today, the Department Head - Veena Saith & Faculty, unveil the much awaited Annual Fashion Presentation of our senior-most students. This year the theme is the eco-friendly handspun fabric 'KHADI', that has historic links with the freedom movement of our country. 26 Designer students have created apparel with this aesthetic fabric but in a contemporary mode. It is this challenging endeavour, that is being showcased on the Runway.


South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has been imparting vocational training in 18 disciplines, for more than half-a-century! Fashion Design & Merchandising is perhaps the most popular and glamorous department, with the largest number of students. We are also proud to mention that we were the first to commence this field of expression and employment, as an Academic Programme ~ in the capital city of India!

Today, at the Department we feel happy to unveil yet again, the much awaited Annual Fashion Presentation. This year it has been titled as ‘Reflections’. The Final-Yr students present their designed and constructed creativity on the ramp, as a part of their curriculum. Each Designer Student has taken inspiration from various facets of life (hopefully!), incorporating it in contemporary fashions.


' The Golden Walk ’

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has been imparting Vocational Education for the past five decades . It is the oldest and largest of its kind in India . At present, students are undergoing training in 22 different disciplines.
The department of Fashion Design & Merchandising is more than 40 years old. We feel proud to represent ourselves as pioneers, in the field of Fashion Design. That is, we were the first to teach it in the capital city of India.
It is our endeavour at the College, to provide a professional platform to Final-Year Students, to display their talent and design skills on the Ramp. The annual Fashion Presentation is not only accredited as part of the Curriculum , but also gives them a learning experience as a 'Designer'.
This year, our largest-ever(!) batch of final-year Fashion Design Students have organised a Presentation titled, ‘THE GOLDEN WALK’. The Student Designers have designed and crafted three garments each, with one unique golden embellishment to complement their line.


South Delhi Polytechnic for Women in it’s Golden Jubilee year, has been imparting holistic training through Vocational Education in Northern India - for half a century!
The Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising in turn, was the first to start this as a subject and a professional Career Programme in the capital city of our subcontinent. This popular stream replete with glamour presents this evening a ‘final presentation’ of it’s seniormost students.
The event titled as 'Fashion-ke-Nazare' overtly illustrates the various construction techniques, selection of fabrics and colourways, that the students have focused upon. At the same time, they had to coordinate the final product with relevance to contemporary world, as a commercial merchandise. Kindly note, in order to have uniformity in judicious assessment, each Student Designer was given a Project Assignment. She had to execute a line of 5 Garments, namely: Trousers, Skirt, onepiece Gown, a Drape or a Saree, and a two-piece Costume like Salwar Suit. In significant pertinence, this evening they shall be marked by noted Industry Invitees and these marks shall be accredited to their Final Examination Summation Report.



South Delhi Polytechnic for Women feels proud to present the much awaited annual event - 'The Fashion Presentation' titled : 'Style n Silhouette’ by senior most student designers(as part of curriculum) from the department of 'FASHION DESIGN & MERCHANDISING'.
As always, the college is proud to mention that we were the first to start a Fashion Design Programme, in the capital city of India. This year we happily add, that it is the largest 3rdyr batch since it’s inception. It is an amalgam of 43 young designer students, specializing in specific themes and silhouettes. Each student designer has invested effort to style the line – by taking inspiration from past and present trends alongwith future options in creativity.


The Student Designers final bow & applause.
Industry Designers as Jury Panel.
Ms. Rouhane
Sec. Gen. Head - Bahai House Eminent Guest Invite