Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013




Q. Which course is more costly?

Ans. All Courses have exactly the same fees & timings. This cannot be a point in choosing Courses. You have to therefore see your inclination and future.

Q. Do I have to pay the full-years’ fees, just now?

Ans. No! Fees have to be deposited four times, term-wise. That is, in divided installments, for one full Academic Year. Hostellers though, often find it convinient, to pay in one go~all the 4 installments.

Q. I’m coming straight from school and have no idea about these things. May I switch to another Department later?

Ans. The Polytechnic allows an one-month interim period after commencement of session, whereon students are permitted to happily change their departments, subject to availability of seats.

Q. Do I have to sit for some kind of Entrance Exams or interviews?

Ans. There are no screening tests, if you fulfil the basic requirements. Admissions are however subject to availability of seats. Students are strongly advised however, to enroll / register early, to avoid disappointment later. As, Courses that require special equipment, are generally particular to accept only a limited intake of Students. For example : Those of Jewellery Design, Holistic Health & Fitness, Computer Science or Event Management and Performing Art. There is also a one month ‘wait and watch’ period, both for students and teachers. When, Students can migrate to a sister Department if seriously unhappy or unsure about their choice. Teachers may also on watchful appraisal, suggest a suitable switch.

Q. M’am, should I go for the most popular or trendy course then?

Ans. All Courses are vocational and job-oriented. A prospective student must opt for the work that interests her. Do not forget that a popular course may not be the best thing for you. As, there may be more competition and demands. If you opt for
something that interests or excites you, then you ensure focus and future success.

Q. I still have doubts about the right course for me. What shall I do then?

Ans. We have career counselling and great guidance by experienced specialists, throughout the year.

Q. I myself am cool about things but my parents often get confused/ concerned/ anxious...

Ans. Parents / Guardians are welcome to clarify any doubts with teachers between 1.00 p.m. to 2.30. p.m.

Q. There are many Polytechnics in Delhi offering similar courses. Why should I join you ?

Ans. We are 54 years old. We are Pioneers, and evolved due to certain standards. Our students are mostly employed by the private sector and multi-nationals. They tell us the updates needed. Students often find that it is not their Diploma/Certificate but portfolio/skills, that get them the unique job! Our Faculty sees many students with less marks, becoming more famous than others. You must therefore decide with an open mind and global perspective. You must also reflect upon the umpteen students of our College, doing so well-all over the world.

Q. I’m going to be a Hosteller. Do I have to report to the Hostel on the first day?

Ans. The Hostel shall open one day earlier, for new students. The Freshers are generally glad to learn that senior students return three days later. By this time, they are well-versed and adjusted to their Course and Campus.
Besides, in our Vocational College, Students are of all ages, and come from all backgrounds or parts of the world. There is a very friendly altruistic atmosphere. It should be therefore, a smooth streaming in, for you!