Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013

The college, time - to - time displays the student’s original work or best work, done with finesse. This is pinned or propped upon the notice board, alcoves or niches, allotted or at the Gallery 2000. It has also, always encouraged and involved itself, in special individual or group shows of Art Students.
        More notably, we have a unique thematic exhibition, every year. The entire college participates, en masse.
This is regardless of whether you are from a pure-art, art-based or non-art department. The Chief Guest generally, inaugurates it before delivering the Convocation Address.
        In the past, exhibitions have been done on the historic seven cities of Delhi (where students felt, they had found an eighth city) to relatively staid objects like the bioscope, tea, hats, fans and even paperweights(!) but that had a highly surprising and creative outcome!

In summation, it is a very exciting exercise and becomes a novel experience, for the whole Campus.

Exhibition for the Session 2018-19 : ‘Living with Leaves ’

SOUTH DELHI POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN has a unique thematic Exhibition, every year. The brain child of it’s Founder Director ~ Ashima Chaudhuri. In which, all Pure-Art, Art & design-based & Non-Art Departments participate en masse. Each display strives to be genuine, original and from the perspective of each concerned Vocational Field. However, keeping in mind and always within the constraints of the common-running ‘like a thread ‘ the selected and short-listed Theme. In the past, the Exhibition has been done on historic subjects like the Seven Cities of Delhi. When, the participants decided to (after research and exploration) that it ought to be Eight Cities and presented it, as such; thereon, on the 50 th anniversary of the establishment of the College it was a celebratory golden theme. The year our beloved Ashima Mam passed away, non-hagiographic pluralistic aspects on the Founder Director were explored. So, therefore from grandiose subjects to relatively mundane or staid subjects as theme have also been chosen and displayed in a delightful ,creative and astonishing manner. These themes have ranged from Maati, Pebbles, Fans, Hats, Coins, Circles, etc

 This year by unanimous choice, the green and planet-friendly theme of ‘Leaves’ was selected.





Exhibition of Paintings, Prints and Ceramics by Students of Fine Art & Ceramics





Exhibition for the Session 2017-18 : ‘Circling the Circle ’

South Delhi Polytechnic for Women has an unique thematic Exhibition every year.In which, all Pure-Art, Art –based & Non-Art Departments participate , en masse. Each display strives to be genuine, original and from the perspective of each concerned Vocational field –yet, keeping in mind the common theme.
In the past, Exhibition, have not only been done on the historic subject of the Seven cities of Delhi, the enigma that is the Earth, non-hagiographic aspectual pluralistic perspects on the Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri BUT also mundane and relatively staid objects like Pebbles, Fans, Coins ,etc. This year by unanimous choice ~ 'The Circle' was selected.

The dictionary and geometry tones define the Circle as ~ A closed plane or curve of which all points are at an equal distance from the centre.
It goes on mention synonyms like:
· Realm
· Sphere, Spherical, Spheroid
· Orbit , Disc, Globe,
· Wheel, Cylinder, Coil,
· Ring
· To do a cycle or round
· To move, To revolve around.

But, in prose and poetry, if not common parlance – a circle may also imply bounded by a common tie. To be a Band, Group, Set, Coterie.
Therefore, each departments' Faculty and students have not just by contretemps or mere accident explored both the physical shape or form of a circle, within the metes and bounds of their curriculum and medium. But, have gone beyond to evolve the metaphoric nuances of a Circle. Some have even tongue-in-cheek, taken a playful merry note - to lighten the Annual Project.

On a philosophic note : The Circle indeed may be aptly symbolic of the Campus and it's constant orbit around Vocational Studies. As much like a circle, the beginning and the end ~ merge, overlap, unite into a unified unit and therefore become implicit and indiscernible. Much like our precious Students, who enter the Campus with unaware or limited - academic acumen or artistic feats. However, once they commence the Vocational Course Programme, their aptitude, interest and potential is revealed .Thereon they confidently board the circumferential pathway, cycling to excel. Soon, it is also happily impossible to pinpoint when or where they balanced with aplomb and set sail upon the Career Route highway.

Hence, the thematic summative exercise this year ~ has been more than appropriately and significantly been titled: 'Circling the Circle.'


Exhibition for the Session 2016-17 : ‘Yaadon~ki~Pukaar’
   An Exhibition on the Late Founder Director:Ashima Chaudhuri, titled 'Yadon-ki-Pukaar was inaugurated by Hiroko Kawauchi Ralhan.She also delivered the College's 50th Convocation Address.
    What was notable was that this was not a mere hagiography or blind adulation,as 'official retrospectives' are oft to do.Students instead, explored aspectual perspectives and affectionate nostalgia on the personae of their Founder Director.
    As per tradition,this Annual Exhibition had all 18 Departments participate as one cohort. More significantly, they strived to relate the Title Theme to their very own arena or field of speciality. So, for instance:Media Students compiled a short Film.Students from the department of Commercial Art did a display using digital techniques, etc etc.
     The pleasing overall outcome that emerged was due to  the creation of a myriad range of profiles, from iconic or philosophic to eclectic and emotive.One that befits a Women's Vocational College, that has been on a soulful mode - as bereft on the heavenly departure of Ashima Chaudhuri, four months ago.


Exhibition for the Session 2015-16 : ‘Maati ~ki~ Pukaar’

This Exhibition has been an exploratory aesthetic exercise of the myriad moods and colours of the Earth. Each Department and each earthly soul that is a part of it, has gone beyond the geological or graphic image of soil. They have tried to source the quintessential philosophy, the largiloquent legends, conceptual symbolism, emotive rituals, organic and tactile vernacular~within it. In this earnest artistic quest, they have immersed themselves to grasp the essence of elemental aesthetics of our Maati. It is only subsequent to that, have they created or recreated these evocative earthy exhibits. Exhibits that coalesce and conglomerate, to evoke the melodic title ‘Maati ~ki~ Pukaar’.

Exhibition for the Session 2014-15 : An Exhibition on Expressions in - Black and White was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Naina Lal Kidwai in the ‘Campus Gallery 2000, ’titled “Shwet Aur Shyam”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated.


Exhibition for the Session 2013-14 : An Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest in the ‘Campus Gallery 2000’, titled “Dha-se- Dhaaga”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated.

Exhibition for the Session 2012-13 :An Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest in the ‘Campus Gallery 2000, ’titled “KANAK Dashak”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated and interpreted the 50th year OR Golden Jubilee, from their own perspective. The core space of the Campus Gallery200- displayed the first office furniture of the Founder Director, Ashima Chaudhuri- in a visually artistic visual manner.

Exhibition for the Session 2011-12 : An Exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest in the Campus Gallery 2000, on stones and pebbles titled: “Beauty in Hardness”. This was an exhibition in which the entire college participated. Students creatively explored from the point of view of their department’s perspective or their very vocational vision via the dense, solid and rigid medium of stones.