Established in 1963


Our Golden Jubilee Year :1963 - 2013



Ruminative Resonances
an introductory foreward by the Director
              More than half-a century ago, our dear  Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri returned from her Specialised Art Studies at the Royal College of Art, London, England. She saw that there were limited job options for women. Those who were very academic, could ofcourse study to be Doctors, Engineers, Scientists.Lawyers, etc. Others had limited job options like telephone operators or do more menial work.

             However, she sensed the huge catchment of creative women in India. Their immense  potential to do much with their lives and yet, be successful homemakers. This is what made her start with  seven students a Textile Design-Weaving Course in her Defence Colony Barsati. Soon, there were more students. So they shifted to South Extension, in a rented building. More Courses were incorporated, including that of Secretarial Practice, Dress Design,Home Science, etc. More building had to be rented in the neighbourhood as Vocational Courses had become both elitist and popular. By then India was progressing on many forefronts. It had a woman Prime Minister. There was dignity of labour, rise of entrepreneurial skills, expansions of minds and emergence of diverse industry. So, the college never looked back.
               Our Founder Director’s earnest claim remained, “Never refuse any child admission. All girls have potential or promise in some area. It is up to us teachers to seek it out and polish it. !” Her spirited focus made her apply for land in Lajpat Nagar Institutional Area. Fortuitously, it was granted. Soon a bustling
evolved alongwith a Hostel. The student populace became very cosmopolitan. Not only girls form elite but middle class families were drawn to SDPW, due to the variety of Vocational Jobs. Also, Students from all parts of the Indian subcontinent  and further away, like those from Nepal, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, etc.
            Ashima Chaudhuri’s visionary foresight made us the first in the capital city to launch Fashion Design We were one of the earliest to acquire Computers. Her dynamic ethos also led to the creation of Holistic Health Department.One of the first to teach and train students in the combo of Alternate Therapies Diet and Fitness Modules. This was well before the gigantic Wellness Industry became an urgent answer to the new millennium turmoil. The diverse division of Design Studies into Interior Design, Fine Art, Commercial / Graphic  Art , Jewellery Manufacture, etc are also attributed to her.          

Director ~ Dr. R. Chaudhuri

             Today, it is admirable to see Women globally concerned about their future Careers. They seek   Counselling after introspective thought. They pick and choose. They also explore their innate talents or potential - in a plural manner, both in the real, virtual and cyber-world.

             I sincerely hope in the coming years – as jobs become more competitive and merit-based. Our Poly Students (as we fondly call them ! ) whilst they acquire skills and techniques from us teachers, hold their own. They also evoke a proud  amalgam of traditional Indian heritage and  some paradigms  of inherent lasting values. May they not be dismissed in a fleeting manner as ‘soft skills’ instead, may our students invest in these in preponderance.

            In conclusion,we pray that our students continue to imbibe and profess~ the ethos and professionalism of our Founder Director Ashima Chaudhuri, through a proactive Faculty and amenable ambient Campus. May they reach new heights and avenues in life. May they uphold them with  ‘out-of-box’ thinking, digital deftness, zeal and alacrity of spirit .